About Her Book

Well it is called ‘Ashby and her book’. There’s a page about Ashby so there should proabably be one about the book of ‘Ashby and her book’.

It’s untitled so far.

It is a young adult novel about an alien race called the ‘Hiroc’ (pronounced ‘here rock’) coming to Earth. Their planet ‘Domin’ has been destroyed and they have spent years roaming the galaxy to find a planet that can sustain their race. Earth is a perfect candidate. The only problem is the existing ruling species. Years after they first make contact, Joshua and his family are among the first Hiroc moving down to Earth, down to London.

Andi’s father, Edward, is the head of the Move-In Program for Earth. She has grown up meeting Hiroc and even sees one, James, as part of the family. Now the Hiroc are at Kensington Hyde High School and she gets to see first hand how human teenagers react to someone so alien. She and her twin brother, Noah, must figure out how to help the Hiroc students fit in becoming friends with one boy in particular, Joshua.

Outside of Kensington Hyde, tempers are rising. More and more humans feel threatened by this other intelligent race. They are taller, stronger and have spent years secretly studying them and soon they will be living amoungst them. Who knows what they will do with their advanced technology? But you can be sure it won’t be good, right? Better protest.