About Ashby


So I am Megan. I am in my mid (to late) twenties and that’s enough about that. I have hopes of becoming an published author and this blog will detail my journey from Mac to book. Or at least, Mac to self publish on Kindle.

The rest of me is pretty easy to sum up. I come with many labels. My favourite is Auntie. I am a proud Aunt to two gorgeous nephews and beautiful neice, who are all the most important little things in my life.  A wise bear once said that sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Well he was right.

Everything else is usual geeky stuff. I watch youtube videos like I’m a teen and watch movies like a child. I love music that should be filed under guilty pleasure except I feel no guilt. I dance like nobody is watching even when there are plenty of watching. I find science and fact can be way more fascinating and captivating than fiction. So no I don’t believe any version of a God. Not even a little bit.

Unlike in that photo up there, most of the time my face looks like it belongs to a bitch. Don’t be fooled. I’m awkward and a scaredy cat. I’m pretty good with insults although I very rarely mean them, I’m just good at coming up with them. I’m a bit weird but I manage to keep most of the really weird thoughts behind the bitch face.


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