The year that was 2016

I’ve thought a lot about this blog post. It could be a lot of doom and gloom if I wrote the account of 2016 that my brain wants to write. Not just was 2016 bad for the world, it wasn’t the greatest in my small life either. But I am ignoring that voice and am trying to see the positives that happened this year. Let’s give it go.

I saw Adele live with the 3 best mothers and women in my life. I wouldn’t be the same person without each of them.

I discovered new music. Particularly the absolute ridiculousness of NSP and Starbomb.

I’ve grown closer to and reconnected with people from various parts of my life. I’ve never been the best at this and doubt I ever will be. If I’m talking about you hopefully you’ll know. Maybe you won’t but I hope you do.

I went to San Francisco. Just.

I met Buzz Lightyear and bought his shoes. And on the Pixar theme, my last name was mentioned in Finding Dory.  I will take that. I also stood outside the actual Pizar Studios and saw Luxo Jr and his ball with my own eyes.

I finished my first novel and got my first rejection. It may not be an entire success but you have to fail before you can succeed. That I even had the guts to send something to an agent is genuinely something I am proud of.

I made people’s days.

I saw 35 films in the cinema (averaging 3 times a month, think I can do better next year). Not all of them were oscar worthy but I enjoyed pretty much all of them, few notable exceptions. Here’s looking at you Batman V Superman. My favourite was Arrival. It came out of nowhere and was incredible. Special mention to the Disney Animations and Pixar of course. Zootropolis, Moana and Finding Dory were all amazing in their own unique ways.

I went to Thorpe Park with some awesome people.

Mostly importantly and most happily, my gorgeous new nephew, Alexander Noah, was born just a few short weeks ago. Another tiny little human to love and adore. Alex, Sammie and Elsie are far and away the best three things to have happened to me in the last 3 years (if not my entire life). They have captured me body and soul. Never before I have known such unconditional and total love. I loved them before they took their first breath and I’ll love them until I take my last. They are all perfect in their own ways and I can’t wait to see in what ways Alexander is (other than so cute and huggable). Watching them grow up has and always will be a complete joy.

I suppose 2016 wasn’t all bad. It had it’s highs as well as lows. Must remember to focus on positives instead of negatives. Not a big fan of resolutions but I will endeavour to be a better person, friend and auntie.

Hope you all have amazing new year’s.

Ashby and her book x


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