I am a writer. I’m just not making any money from it.

The following blog has little to nothing to do with my book.

So I watch a lot of YouTube. It’s basically my main form of entertainment nowadays (until the Olympics came along but that’ll end soon). I have a select few YouTubers that I watch on a regular basis. Most of them are ‘lets players’. In case you don’t know, they essentially play video games whilst chatting and joking over them, usually with a camera on them. I’ve never been a big gamer but I used to watch my big brother play video games as a kid and now watching these YouTubers reminds me of that. It’s like hanging out with a friend without any of the effort of actually leaving your bedroom or you know being a friend. I’m kidding, of course. A bit.
But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about 1 particular video. The following video is Wind Waker HD: Fresh Air – Episode 19 by the Game Grumps. Sounds weird but go with me. (You don’t need to watch the entire episode at all. I spoil all over the place next.)

A bit of background about these guys. Game Grumps has kind of taken over my life recently. I’m a bit obsessed. Some of the Grumps are in bands that have been exclusively played on my Spotify in the past few months. I have sat and watched entire series in almost one sitting. Unlike other ‘let’s players’, the Grumps don’t have a camera, it’s just their voices and the game. Sometimes they spend the whole episode talking about the game. Other times they just crack jokes and spent the whole time being stupid. Then in other episodes, the game really has nothing to do with their conversations and they get serious like that one. The channel is made up of about 10 different people (one of whom has a PHD in Physics and when he goes all science on their asses, it’s my favourite thing), although the main series is presented by 2 of them. Dan Avidan and Arin Hansen. That video is Dan and Arin. I love them a lot. They are dumb and funny and they make me howl with laughter sometimes. But in this episode Danny is talking about a period in his life where he was suffering with depression. It’s super interesting and relatable. But it’s not really that part that I want to talk about though. It’s this.

“You just have to be at peace with what you are and what you really want to be. Like, a lot of people will say like “I’m an aspiring artist” or “I’m an aspiring writer”… No, you’re a writer, you’re an artist. If you’re doing that shit every day, that’s what you are… just own it.”
(This is at 11.41 in the video by the way.)

Dan says this in that episode. It’s something that’s stuck with me since I watched it and I’ve realised that he’s completely right. Now Danny isn’t always the most logical person I’ve ever seen. Just watch the Portal 2 play through and see how dense that man can be. But this time he makes complete sense. Just because you’re not being financially successful at something doesn’t mean you aren’t that thing. You get to define who you are and what you are. Its something I know I definitely need to work on. 26 years on this planet and I still haven’t figured it out.

People especially older people, like to disregard lets players as stupid, non entertainment. They don’t understand how these people make millions upon millions of dollars for just ‘playing video games’. But they are more than that to the people who watch them. They become like friends. You learn about their lives and their struggles. If I ever met any of these guys, I don’t know if I would be starstruck like I would be if I met Jennifer Lawrence. It would be like meeting an old friend. Except maybe Dan of the Grumps, that guy is my new obsession. He’s weird looking with big goofy hair but he is freaking adorable and hilarious. Move aside, Brad Pitt, I’d much rather Danny Avidan.

But yeah, this isn’t really anything. It’s just about these super cool guys who on the surface are dumb and just make dick jokes but even they can inspire and make you think. But from now on, because of those doofuses, I’m calling myself a writer. Not an aspiring one.

Ashby and her book xx

Edit note: I even just took the ‘wannabe’ off the ‘wannabe writer’ in my twitter description.


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